Terms & Conditions

The Superdraw is covered pursuant to the Licence granted by the District Court on the 29 March 2023 in accordance with section 28 of the Gaming & Lotteries Act 1956 as inserted by section 12 of the Gaming & Lotteries (Amendment) act 2019.


As per the Electoral act, we can only accept donations from Irish Citizens or people/organisations who/that are resident on the island of Ireland. An individual can donate up to €1,500 in a calendar year to the Party without having their name disclosed or having to complete a return to SIPO. If you are happy to complete a return to SIPO, that threshold increases to a maximum of €2,500 and your name is disclosed as part of the Party’s annual donations return.
We can accept a maximum of €200 from a corporate donor that is not registered with SIPO. But if your company completes a registration with SIPO your maximum donation increases to €2,500 Your company must be based in Ireland; if it’s abroad, at least one of its main activities should be based in Ireland.
For further information see Guidelines (sipo.ie)

  • Entry to the draw is €80. Each ticket entitles the ticket owner to entry into 4 draws.
  • The prize fund will be €24,000 per draw.
  • All winners will be contacted within 24 hours of the draw.
  • Winners’ names will be published on www.finegael.ie.
  • All draws will take place in Fine Gael Headquarters on the dates indicated.
  • The proceeds of the Draw, after prizes and fundraising expenses, shall be applied exclusively to Fine Gael’s National Campaign Fund and to Fine Gael Constituency Organisations.
  • All purchasers must be over 18 years of age and an Irish resident or citizen.

Superdraw Tickets