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This Christmas, get into town! – Richmond

6th December 2023 - Neale Richmond, TD

A Fine Gael Minister is calling on people across Ireland to visit and shop in Dublin this Christmas.

The call by the Minister for Business, Employment and Retail, Neale Richmond, TD, comes in the wake of the November 23rd riots, the results of which saw Dublin businesses and workers lose massive days of sales, including Black Friday, in the immediate aftermath.

Minister Richmond said: “Dublin is a great city year-round, but it is just magic at Christmas.

“Traditionally, the 8th December has always been a major shopping day in Dublin, with thousands of people from across the country coming to our capital city to do their Christmas shopping.

“This year, we need to see this same level of support for our City Centre retailers who are still recovering from the impact of the thuggery, looting, vandalism and staff intimidation we saw in the riot.

“Black Friday, what should be one of the biggest shopping days of the year, was turned into one of the darkest days our retailers have seen for some time.

“However, our shops are open and with only three weekends to go until Christmas, they need our support!

“There is a significant Garda presence in Dublin, including the Public Order Unit, and Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee has assured me that this will not change this year.

“I would encourage anyone who is considering coming to Dublin this Christmas, to please make the trip.

“So, make that dinner reservation, take your family to the Panto, meet a friend for a pint and do some Christmas shopping while you’re at it.

“Dublin is our capital city and we cannot let those responsible for the riot take that away from us.

“This Christmas, get into town!,” Minister Richmond concluded.

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