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Updated Protocol for Employers on Ventilation, Vaccinations & Antigen Testing Published

14th May 2021 - Damien English TD

New guidance to protect workers & help people get back to work

The updated Work Safely Protocol reflects the most up to date public health advice for the workplace. It sets out the range of measures required to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace, including information on how to approach the use of antigen testing.

The advice is still to continue to work from home where possible. However, with some sectors being able to reopen over the coming weeks, it is timely to update the protocol for workplaces to make sure that employers have clear guidance on how to keep their staff and customers safe, based on the most up to date public health advice.

We now have a Government endorsed report on antigen testing and many employers are using it already. This document gives clear information on how to use antigen testing appropriately in the workplace.

It is really important to say that the best way to prevent the virus from spreading, the best way to protect each other and to make sure that as we reopen, we stay open, is to keep doing the things we have all been doing. Wash hands, keep a distance, wear a mask, stay at home and contact your GP if you have symptoms. This advice hasn’t changed and is still the most important.

Damien English TD, Minister for Business, Employment and Retail said:

The updated Work Safely Protocol is an important tool-kit for employers in Ireland as Government efforts continue towards an orderly and safe reopening of the economy and society. The document contains important guidance which can be followed to protect workplaces, workers, and customers.

As more people return to work over the coming months it is important that they can do so safely.  Government will continue to engage with the business community and their staff to keep everyone safe and to help prevent the virus spreading from the workplace into the wider community.

While the virus has stabilised in recent weeks, we still need everyone to play their part to keep Covid under control so we can get back to having a strong, healthy economy. I am very optimistic about where our economy can go in the next couple of years, and I would like to thank businesses and workers for their ongoing efforts during these tough times.”


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