Where are Micheal Martin’s “Spreadsheets” on Election Manifesto? – Burke

25th January 2020 - Fine Gael Press Office

Fine Gael’s Peter Burke has asked where Micheal Martin’s “spreadsheets” are?  At Fianna Fáil’s election manifesto yesterday Micheal Martin said that he had “Spreadsheets” that would outline the costings in their manifesto.


“24 hours on nobody is any wiser as to Fianna Fáil’s economic costings.  They have not been published.  They are not available.  Their costings are more secretive than the third secret of Fatima.


“We are less than two weeks out from polling day and Fianna Fáil is trying to hoodwink the Irish people yet again.  This is the same old Fianna Fáil, full of promises and empty on substance.


“Fianna Fáil is looking to run the country in less than two weeks but have not published any economic costings.  A bank wouldn’t approve a business plan without any costings and the Irish people shouldn’t approve Fianna Fáil manifesto.


“The Irish people will ask, who can they trust on the economy and with their future?”

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