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Why did RTÉ Chair keep Minister and public in the dark on exec exit package – Dillon

23rd February 2024 - Alan Dillon, TD

The Chair of RTÉ’s Board Siún Ní Raghallaigh must immediately explain why she failed to inform the Media Minister and the public that she approved a senior executive’s exit package, a Fine Gael TD has said.


Deputy Alan Dillon said public confidence has plummeted to new depths after Minister Catherine Martin said RTÉ Chair Siún Ní Raghallaigh failed to inform the Minister or Government of the RTÉ remuneration committee’s role in approving an exit package for former RTÉ Chief Financial Officer Richard Collins – which the RTÉ chair, chairs – on two separate occasions this week.


The Fine Gael TD, who sits on the Oireachtas Media Committee, said “the latest developments is another self-inflicted blow by the broadcaster when all were trying to find a way out the quagmire which emerged last Summer.”


“Why is the Chair of the RTÉ board keeping the Minister, the public & the Oireachtas in the dark?


“Was anyone else present when the RTÉ Chair misled the Minister this week? Was the Director General Kevin Bakhurst in the room?


“We have sought in detail clear transparency regarding exit payments to senior executives. We are told legal reasons and confidentiality clauses prevent the public from knowing the full truth.


“So why were we not told that the RTÉ remuneration committee, which the RTÉ chair sits on, approved the deal with their former CFO?


“We immediately need the minutes of all meetings of the remuneration committee published.


“What is the total figure for all senior executive exit payments for 2023? This is required to be published in their annual report – let’s have it now.


“Did anyone in the Minister’s department know of the deal for the former CFO? And why was the department not aware of who was on the renumeration committee?


“What else have we not been told? When will we get the truth of what is happening at RTÉ at the most senior levels,” Deputy Dillon said.


“The Minister, repeatedly, failed to express confidence in Ms Ní Raghallaigh on Prime Time on Thursday night ahead of a meeting on Friday morning.


“This is a serious development and probably the last thing RTÉ needs but here we are having to deal with it again for another weekend,” he added.

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