A leap forward for the 3 Day Tax Saver Ticket campaign – McGahon

NTA confirms it is considering multi day tickets

9th October 2020 - Senator John McGahon

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is actively considering the introduction of multi day tickets which would in turn facilitate the introduction of a 3 Day Tax Saver Ticket for commuters, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Louth Senator, John McGahon has been campaigning for the introduction of 3 Day Tax Saver tickets for the convenience of people adjusting to new working arrangements because of COVID-19.

Senator McGahon said: “My discussions with the NTA have resulted in a positive step forward for the campaign for 3 Day Tax Saver tickets.

“The NTA has acknowledged my point that travel patterns may change permanently post Covid-19 as people find themselves commuting to the office on fewer days of the week than normal, and transport ticketing options may have to evolve to meet customer demands.

“The NTA has now committed to considering the options for multi-day tickets which is very positive. Naturally this involves a significant technical undertaking to facilitate such tickets on the existing Leap Card system. The NTA informs me it hopes to commence redeveloping the Leap Card system shortly as an account-based ticketing system, which would facilitate multi-day tickets more easily.

“Covid-19 has really changed the common perceptions around commuting to and from work, and we need to recognise that the concept of working from home is something that will be here to stay in the post Covid era. With that in mind, our commuter tickets really need to reflect what will become the new working norm. It just does not make sense that the only tickets available are 7 day, monthly or annual tickets.

“That’s why I am really pleased that the NTA understands the need to adapt to what will become regular commuting patterns in the post Covid era and is committed to starting the process of facilitating flexi tickets on the current Leap Card system. I fully recognise that this may take some time due to the technical changes needed, however it is important that the system is introduced as soon as possible for the benefit of commuters who still need to travel to work on certain days of the week.”

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