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Access to EU Digital Covid Certs for Irish citizens in North and outside EU is timely boost – Currie

Much needed development will save passengers money

16th September 2021 - Emer Currie

The creation of an online portal allowing Irish citizens in the North and non-EU countries access to EU Digital Covid Certificates is a much needed development and a timely boost, according to Fine Gael Senator Emer Currie.

Senator Currie welcomed the Government plan to create an online portal following the initial roll-out of the Digital Covid certificates earlier this summer. It is understood Irish citizens vaccinated outside the European Union with vaccines authorised for use in Ireland will also be eligible to apply.

Senator Currie has also called for specific travel information for Northern travellers to form part of the launch.

Senator Currie said: “At the moment Irish passport holders who received their vaccine outside the Republic of Ireland do not have access to the EU Digital Covid Certificate, even though they are EU citizens and the vaccines authorised are the same.

“This is good news for Irish citizens in the North, those who got their vaccines up north and live in the south, and of course Irish people living in non-EU countries like so many of our families do.

“I hope it is the end of Irish citizens paying hefty costs for tests to enter countries like Portugal where proof of vaccination isn’t accepted without Covid tests for third or Non-EU countries.

“However, some important questions remain that need to be addressed as part of the portal launch. Graham Keddie of Belfast International Airport has raised the issue of whether the jurisdiction you leave and return to takes priority when it comes to the rules you face. I think absolute clarity on this is needed alongside access to the EU digital covid cert.

“We are all keen for life to resume as quickly and safely as possible. I’m glad to see an unnecessary barrier and expensive headache being removed. If you’re an Irish citizen fully vaccinated with the same recognised vaccines, you should have access to the same benefits of EU membership,” Senator Currie concluded.

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