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Boris visit can’t just be box ticking exercise – Richmond

15th May 2022 - Neale Richmond, TD

A Government TD has urged the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take ownership of his Brexit ahead of his visit to Northern Ireland.

Fine Gael spokesperson on European Affairs, Neale Richmond, has stated that the visit cannot simply be a box ticking exercise.

“Once again we find ourselves at another difficult impasse in the post Brexit fall out. Threats of unilateral action and breaking international law are once again wearing thin.

“The Stormont stalemate in Northern Ireland caused by the DUP’s refusal to engage in forming an Executive following the Assembly elections has not been helped by opportunistic efforts by some in England to use this crisis for their own political gain.

“While everyone accepts there are issues within the Protocol that need to be addressed, this requires all sides to engage constructively and in good faith. The EU have been consistent in this regard and the UK Government must meet them halfway.

“Threats of unilateral action from London and a continuing boycott of the institutions by the DUP will not address any problems being faced by businesses nor will it help address the very real issues facing the people of Northern Ireland.

“Equally, the very many opportunities offered by the Protocol will continue to go unrealised.

“We need to see the Prime Minister take ownership of his Brexit and engage properly with all partners, particularly across the political divide in Northern Ireland.

“Monday’s visit cannot just be a box ticking exercise, we have to see the British Government ease up on the constant threats and engage properly.

“Unilateral action is in nobody’s interest and the past week of threats have been very damaging to relationships,” Deputy Richmond concluded.

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