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Bumper week for employment with the creation of over 1,800 new jobs across the island – Ahearn

Fine Gael is creating jobs and strengthening workers’ rights

14th April 2022 - Senator Garret Ahearn

With the creation of over 1,800 jobs across the island of Ireland this week alone, Fine Gael is ensuring people get back to work after the pandemic, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Senator Garret Ahearn, Fine Gael Seanad Spokesperson on Enterprise and Trade, said, “Fine Gael has led this country through a recession, Brexit and Covid-19, ensuring secure and sustainable employment for all throughout. Fine Gael is committed to building stronger, safer communities by creating new jobs and ensuring security for all workers.

“After the economic crash, Fine Gael in Government got the public finances back on track and had secured full employment for the country before the pandemic hit. Unemployment fell from a record 14.7% in 2012 to just 5% at the start of 2020.

“We recovered the public finances and got people back to work ten years ago, and we are doing the same now in these challenging economic times in the wake of a pandemic and with war ongoing in Europe.

“Galway, Kildare, Dublin and Longford are all set to benefit from the creation of hundreds of jobs this week, while the retail chain Pret A Manger has just announced 500 new jobs island-wide.

“The creation of the majority of these jobs has been directly supported by Government and An Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar.

“Not only is Fine Gael focused on growing employment, but we are also strengthening workers’ rights with the establishment of five new rights this year.

“Later this year, employees in Ireland will be entitled to statutory sick pay from their employers for the first time ever, and from next year, Irish workers will have an extra public holiday at the beginning of February.

“We’re also going to provide a framework around which requesting and approving remote working will be based.

“Just last week, An Tánaiste signed a new law to ensure that employees are not penalised as a result of public health restrictions by protecting redundancy payments.

“Finally, we are protecting workers’ tips and providing clarity on how service charges are dealt with.

“Whether it’s more Gardaí on the beat, ensuring our roads are fit for purpose, breathing new life into disused and derelict buildings, or creating new jobs, Fine Gael is determined to ensure that our communities are stronger and safer than ever before.”

Job announcements this week

Company Location Numbers
Pret Island-wide (NI incl) 500
Planet Galway 100
Nikon Kildare 40
MGS Kildare 100
Boston Scientific Galway 300
MarketStar Dublin 300
Citibank Dublin 300
Framespace Longford 150
Iheed Dublin 40
Total (incl Pret NI jobs) 1,830

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