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Corbyn’s call for a post-Brexit Customs Union a sensible departure – Richmond

26th February 2018 - Neale Richmond, TD

Welcoming the speech by UK Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to students at Coventry University, Fine Gael Senator and spokesman on EU Affairs, Neale Richmond, has stated that his stance on Brexit is a sensible departure.

“Through the course of discussions and negotiations on Brexit, it is obvious that language matters and subtle differences in aspiration can mean very significant changes to an end result. Previously, the UK Labour Party has said it wants the UK to retain the ‘benefits’ of the customs union and the single market without saying how that would be achieved.

“The speech today by Jeremy Corbyn lays clear that they aspire to a customs union between the whole of the UK and the EU once Brexit has occurred.

“Although a subtle change in direction, it is a very welcome one nonetheless. Furthermore it is very much in line with the aspirations set out by An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, during the summer months.

“A customs union between the whole of the UK and the EU removes any need for border infrastructure on the island of Ireland. It would also make trade with and through the UK much easier for EU companies, particularly those exporting from and importing to Ireland.

“While the EU continues to negotiate directly and in good faith with the UK Government, this shift in emphasis from the Leader the UK Opposition is a significant one and one that should be welcomed, especially with a key EU Council meeting due this Wednesday.

“Mr Corbyn’s call for a post-Brexit Customs Union is a sensible departure. I remain hopeful that overall sense will prevail and that the closest possible relations will ultimately be maintained by the EU and the UK post-Brexit.”

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