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Deadline for survey on parking in Phoenix Park approaching – Currie

2nd June 2023 - Emer Currie

The deadline is fast approaching for the OPW online survey about parking in the Phoenix Park, a Fine Gael Senator has said.


Emer Currie has called on the public to go to extra lengths to make their views known about proposed parking charges before it’s too late.


Senator Currie said: “The OPW is running a public consultation process about parking in the Phoenix Park, which ends on Tuesday 6th June.


“Members of the public are invited to review a draft Strategy that provides a comprehensive vision for parking management.


“As part of the OPW’s Draft Action Plan, they include car parking charges in the Park, to which there has been a strong reaction.


“The OPW said parking charges are part of the public consultation but there is no specific question about this proposal contained in the online survey.


“The Strategy says charges would be introduced in the medium to long term, but the legislation to remove the barriers to enforcing it would be tackled immediately, paving the way for charging to commence.


“I believe that not including this pertinent question in the online survey is misleading and could give the impression that the introduction is a fait accompli.


“It’s really important people convey their strong views about this issue which they can do by explicitly including it under ‘Question 6: Further Comments’ or write to the Superintendent of the Phoenix Park directly.”


Senator Currie continued: “The online survey also includes a question about a new two storey multi-storey car park and associated infrastructure at Dublin Zoo, even though the Strategy clearly rules that out.


“If the OPW wants this public consultation period to deliver tangible and clear outcomes, it would ideally have included questions about the changes they are proposing, rather than the ones they aren’t.


“It’s now up to the public to go that extra length to make their views known.


“There are also new car parking proposals on the west side of the Park and I’d encourage residents of Castleknock and beyond to have their say.


“The Phoenix Park is the People’s Park and should be an accessible, inclusive and welcoming place. Everyone needs to be allowed have their say about all aspects of proposals and any permanent changes.”



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