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More drivers must be recruited immediately for Bus Éireann routes in east- O’Reilly

27th September 2017 - Senator Joe O'Reilly

More drivers must be recruited immediately for Bus Éireann services in the east of the country, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Speaking in the Seanad, Senator Joe O’Reilly said a number of services have been cancelled due to rostering issues.

Senator O’Reilly said: “Sixteen bus services have been cancelled, including routes to Cavan, Kells, Athboy and Wicklow.  Adequate notice is not being given, which is resulting in people standing at the sides of roads waiting for buses that will not come.

“The cancellations arise from disgruntlement, among other things, with new rostering within Bus Éireann.  Twelve-hour shifts that are very discommoding and difficult for drivers and their families have been introduced.

“The solution lies in more drivers being recruited.  That has been committed to but more drivers need to be immediately recruited and a more sensitive and consultative approach taken with drivers on rostering issues and with communities on the cancellation of buses, which should not be happening.

“Some people are not able to get public transport. It is preventing many people from getting to work and there are many spin-offs from that.

“This should not be the case at a time when we are trying to encourage the use of public transport.  It is a very serious matter and I hope more drivers are recruited immediately.”


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