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Dublin Airport needs to become more sensitive to needs of those with autism and sensory issues – Richmond

28th April 2019 - Neale Richmond, TD

Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond has called on the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) to construct an alternative route for passengers to avoid the intense commercial area after the security checks in both Terminals One and Two.

Senator Richmond said: “As a regular user of Dublin Airport for work purposes, I am well aware of the airport’s excellent international reputation. However, more can be done to meet the needs of passengers who may have sensory issues caused by autism or other disorders.

“Upon exiting the security areas in both terminals, passengers are met by a wall of intense light, noise and indeed smells as they pass through the duty free shopping area to their boarding gates.

“As it stands, the DAA provides a guide to passengers as well as a sensory room but this is quite simply not enough.

“Having spoken to the DAA, I am disappointed that the simple solution of an alternative access route for those passengers who need it is not only unavailable but something that is not even under consideration.

“I am calling on the DAA to change their plans and look to put in place alternative access routes in both terminals for those who need it.

“Flying can be extremely stressful for those with autism and other disorders, airport authorities should make every effort to ease these stresses.”



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