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Extend all work permits and visas to thank those who sacrificed so much – Richmond

23rd January 2022 - Neale Richmond, TD

A blanket two-year extension for work permits, visas and student work visas should be considered as a sign of gratitude and solidarity for those who worked through the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland, according to a Fine Gael TD.


Deputy Neale Richmond said: “The past two years have been exceptionally difficult for workers, especially those on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic.


“Many of our frontline workers are on work visas and permits. However, due to travel restrictions many of these workers could not visit their families and loved ones back home.


“A blanket two-year extension to all current work permits, visas and student visas would be a statement of our gratitude to those who sacrificed for Ireland, and would give students and those who worked remotely an additional few years to explore what Ireland has to offer in better circumstances.


“With the lifting of most Covid-19 restrictions this week comes the opportunity for workers to return to the office, students to continue their studies and travel to return to pre-Covid normality.


“Ireland is known as the country of ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ and if we want to live up to our reputation we must look towards extending these visas.


“With Minister McEntee’s strategy to regularise the status of many undocumented immigrants in Ireland opening for applications on January 31st, this would be an extension of our commitment to providing an equal opportunity for all in Ireland.


“We owe it to those who sacrificed so much, both on the frontlines and those who abided by the restrictions for so many months, to offer them this extension” Deputy Richmond concluded.


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