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Irish Economy Grows by 7% – Minister Coffey

Fine Gael Waterford Minister Paudie Coffey has said the Irish Economy has expanded by 7% in the last 12 months.  Minister Coffey said this showed that Ireland has the fastest growing economy in Europe and is on course to be the fastest growing again next year.


“When Fine Gael came to office, Ireland was experiencing the effects of the economic mis-management of Fianna Fail’s incompetence.  We had skyrocketing unemployment, increased taxation and we had lost control of our economic sovereignty.  Today, Ireland has its lowest unemployment rate in 7 years; almost 2 million people in work; cuts in tax on work and we are in control of our own affairs again.


Minister Coffey said: “Fine Gael has worked with the Irish people to turn the fortunes of our economy around.  We are only now beginning to reap the dividends of the difficult decisions that were made and 700,000 people will have been removed from paying the hated USC that Fianna Fail introduced this time 5 years ago.


“We are seeing an increased number of people in work, with almost 2 million people back in work, an increase of 140,000 people compared to this time 5 years ago.  In Waterford we have seen companies like, Eishtec, Eirgen Pharma, West Pharma, NearForm, Agora, Nypro Pharma, Sun Life Financial, Tech Mahindra, Glanbia, FeedHenry, Bausch & Lomb, Genzyme, Dawn Meats, Smartply, Shivo, Evros, Flahavins and Bluefin all investing an creating jobs over the course of the last number of years.


“Fine Gael is committed to abolishing the USC by 2021 and returning Ireland to Full-employment by 2018 and ensuring that this economic recovery is not squandered.  Fine Gael has the plans and the proven strategy to keep the economic recovery on track so that families across Waterford can feel the benefit.


“It is essential that jobs continue to be created in Waterford and around the country so that we can re-invest again in public services like health and education; without growth and investment we can’t deliver the services people deserve and are entitled to.”



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