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Let’s take the fight to the Eurosceptics – Richmond

21st February 2017 - Neale Richmond, TD

Addressing a Joint Oireachtas Committee meeting with European Commission First Vice President, Frans Timmermans, Fine Gael spokesman on EU Affairs, Senator Neale Richmond, has challenged the EU and civic society to take the fight to Eurosceptics.

“Across the western world we are seeing the rise of populism, particularly in Europe with the rise of Eurosceptism in the UK, France, Greece and the Netherlands from the populist right and left.

“The Europen project has become an easy scapegoat, yes it is not perfect, but our continent has enjoyed the longest period of peace and prosperity thanks to the European project.

“We will not defeat the simplistic and bitter arguments of Eurosceptics and cynics with power point presentations or dismissive presentations but with passion.

“Let’s take the fight to the Eurosceptics. Let’s be passionate about being able to work, live and do business in any EU country we choose.

“Let’s champion the benefits of being able to trade freely with each other and other countries like Canada. Let’s not hide from the arguments, let’s take them on!

“Thanks to the EU we have safe food, clean air and a healthier Europe. These are all positive things, they are worth fighting for.”

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