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Opposition are more interested in chaos and division rather than solutions – Griffin

8th July 2022 - Brendan Griffin TD

Fine Gael and the Government are entirely focused on putting more money back in people’s pockets and reducing the cost of living as opposed to reducing the Dáil into a circus like Sinn Féin, the Fine Gael Dáil whip has said.


With work ongoing for September’s Budget to assist with the cost of living and rising inflation, Deputy Brendan Griffin said Sinn Féin’s suggested popularity has gone to their heads and they are now more interested in collapsing the Government and causing a General Election.


“Sinn Féin, as always, are focused on scoring political points, trying to inject chaos into the Dáil,” the Kerry TD said.


“Sinn Féin seek to divide people and communities and paint their political opponents as uncaring or out of touch. It’s a raw populist strategy that has worked short-term for them, but they will be found out.


“Their motion next week is tone deaf to an Ireland that’s struggling with numerous challenges at present. Instead of helping in a solution mode, Sinn Féin have gone into circus mode ahead of the Summer recess. Do they really think people want the Government to collapse with all that is going on right now? I think they have made an embarrassing strategic error here.

“This motion is useless. It contributes absolutely nothing to tackling the rising cost of living and inflation. It does nothing for housing. It offers nothing for our ongoing efforts with the Ukrainian war and the plight of people trying to pay for fuel to get to work.


“It does nothing to help with everyday issues such as back to school where further supports were provided by Government this week. It does nothing to tackle a single issue that people are faced with everyday across this country.


“We know that people are working hard for themselves and their families, and rising costs are making it ever more expensive to do the weekly shop, to fill the car and pay the bills.


“Fine Gael have led a dynamic response to this by cutting taxes and raising pensions and welfare, the €200 energy credit, increases in back to school allowance and SUSI grants, and measures which will come into place immediately at the next budget.


“People will see through this motion and through Sinn Féin’s stunts, hypocrisy and blatant populism,” Deputy Griffin said.

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