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Sinn Féin’s lack of leadership will short-change all – Dillon

12th November 2023 - Alan Dillon, TD

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald is displaying a complete lack of leadership and vision for the country, Fine Gael’s Parliamentary Party Chairman has said.

Deputy Alan Dillon, from Mayo, said Deputy McDonald offered no solutions in a series of media outings today.

“What we heard and received today was a complete lack of leadership from Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald.

“Sinn Féin purport change but in practice only short-change all no matter what the issue is. Mary Lou McDonald and her party are being entirely disingenuous and misleading on a series of issues.

“In the era of the soundbite, the Opposition leader was quick to point out problems and issues but offers no solutions or plans on both RTÉ’s ‘The Week in Politics’ and ‘This Week’ today.

“On housing, she couldn’t tell us how many homes Sinn Féin would build. Sinn Féin has said this is the party’s key priority,

“Deputy McDonald couldn’t even give a clear answer as to how many homes the party could build each year if in government, while this Government is on course to exceed its housing targets for this year.

“Fine Gael is clear on this. 156,500 new homes have been built since 2016, there were 30,000 homes built in 2022, a 45% increase on 2021, and a sixfold increase on the 4,500 in 2013. The 22,400 homes built in the first 9 months of 2023, is the highest on record.

“As for standing up for a free press in a democracy? Well don’t expect anything from Sinn Féin on this.

“They are attempting to intimidate journalists and media by issuing several legal actions against publishers, broadcasters, and journalists individually.

“Deputy McDonald confirmed she will not tell her party TD, Chris Andrews to withdraw a legal action against an Irish Times journalist. No leadership on display there.

“It is hugely important that public figures are held to account and receptive of media criticism. If Sinn Féin isn’t open to this, then serious questions must be asked about their party.

“On pensions, we didn’t receive a single credible plan on how the country will support and pay for an ever-increasing ageing population.

“Voters needs to know what they’re dealing with when it comes to Sinn Féin and to look beyond the party’s soundbites to see they have no real goals for Ireland”, concluded Deputy Dillon.

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