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Stop sending Jameson to Putin’s Russia – Ahearn

27th April 2023 - Senator Garret Ahearn

French drinks giant Pernod Ricard must immediately reverse their decision to restart exporting Jameson whiskey to Russia given the barbaric war the country is waging on Ukraine, Fine Gael Senator Garret Ahearn has said.

Senator Ahearn, Fine Gael’s Seanad spokesperson on enterprise and trade, said: “Pernod Ricard has restarted some exports of brands including Jameson whiskey to Russia.

“It had stalled exports at the beginning of the Ukraine invasion, but has now restarted limited shipments. The company said it took the decision to keep its local affiliate economically viable and also wanted to avoid counterfeiting and parallel markets emerging.

“The move by the French owned company is morally unjustifiable and wrong considering many companies are leaving the Russian market in opposition to the brutal conflict Putin’s Government has inflicted on its neighbouring country of Ukraine.

“Jameson is a world famous treasured Irish brand. It is produced in Midleton, Co Cork, by Pernod Ricard-owned Irish Distillers.

“This decision, made in some boardroom in France with only the bottom line on the agenda, hurts our image internationally. It needs to be reversed and time called on exporting Jameson to Putin’s Russia,” Senator Ahearn said.

“Pernod Richard was forced to halt exports of Absolut vodka following a rightful outcry from the public and threats of a boycott in Sweden, the liquor’s home country.

“Diageo, which owns Guinness and many other Irish drinks brands, stopped exporting and selling products to Russia when the invasion began last year, which is the right thing to do,” Senator Ahearn added.

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